🚀SKO Pad

Access to exclusive presales!

As a way to show our compromise with our holders and in order to enhance the utility of our $SKO Token we have decided to open "SKO Pad" (https://launchpad.sugarkingdom.io/) a unique place to find other opportunities from utility tokens on the ecosystem. SKO Pad is a decentralized platform that allows people from all over the world to access to tokens of several experimental web3 projects before they are listed on CEXs and DEXs. Please, remember that all the terms apply if you participate on any sale: Apes International Group Corp. proudly presents Sugar Kingdom Odyssey, a distinctive and innovative creation from our dedicated team. The entirety of the game's design, including characters, gameplay mechanics, soundtracks, and all associated elements, are the original works of our skilled artists and developers, crafted entirely from the ground up. SKO Pad is another part of the platform that allows people to join different presales in a decentralized way by using the utility token “SKO” to get access to the platform.

Apes International Group Corp. retains full authority over all matters related to access, modifications, and permissions concerning the platform and its related aspects. Your engagement with the platform is acknowledged as solely for experiencing the game, and any interactions are affirmed to be without any intention beyond game access.

Engagement with the platform, through actions such as purchasing $SKO Tokens or other tokens that you may find on SKOPad, is done with the understanding that it is not for the purpose of financial gain. The projected developments and features outlined in Sugar Kingdom Odyssey Launchpad Platform or it’s entire set of products, are to be seen as potential directions, not commitments from Apes International Group Corp.

Your participation in Sugar Kingdom Odyssey is with the full understanding of its developmental nature, exempting Apes International Group Corp. from any liabilities. This acceptance extends to acknowledging that all elements of the game are subject to significant changes, which could impact the value or functionality of in-game items and launchpad functionality, that may later generate financial losses.

By interacting with the platform and its assets, you recognize the experimental nature of blockchain and consent to any changes made by Apes International Group Corp. at its discretion. All tokens and NFTs within the game are intended solely for in-platform use and should not be viewed as investments.

Your acquisition of $SKO tokens is for the purpose of enhancing your gaming experience and platform access, without any expectation of financial return. Apes International Group Corp. as a private entity focused on game development and art creation, does not imply any profit-sharing or financial benefits for players.

By participating in Sugar Kingdom Odyssey, you confirm your understanding of these terms and your compliance with applicable local laws, having sought professional advice where necessary. Your interaction with the platform constitutes a waiver of any claims against Apes International Group Corp. and its associates.

You also confirm that you are not accessing the platform on behalf of entities from restricted jurisdictions, including but not limited to the United States of America (including its territories and dependencies, and any state of the United States), Canada, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Crimea, People’s Republic of China, Bahamas, Belarus, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Central African Republic, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Yemen, Thailand and Zimbabwe.

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